eM Client ERROR MESSAGE: Header words must be specified as "Name: Value" pair.

Help !

Trying to create a new custom rule:

Using:  New Rule/Rule Wizard/Apply custom rule on messages I receive/with words found in header/[no matter what I enter, when I press “Add” (to get entry into “Words list”), I get the following ERROR:

ERROR:  “Header words must be specified as “Name: Value” pair.”

Please explain so I can complete this custom rule.

Thank you. 

So, if you want to use the From header:

    From: hh10016

If you want to use the Subject header:

  Subject: forum

These are in the format of Name: Value

The value is always taken as part of the value. So it is the same as using wildcards *hh10016*. Means it looks for hh10016 anywhere in the header From. 

Does that make sense?

Yes.  makes lots of sense.

Actually, intended for use with "To: "  so adding that as a prefix allowed eM Client to SAVE this Rule.

Thank you for so quickly providing the solution.  I never would have figured this out on my own.