eM Client downloaded all messages from server. How to copy them back.

eM client download all email from boxes. How to copy them back to the server?

I dont know how, after i checked leave copy’s on server, it downloaded all messages and there are no messages on servers site. How could I copy them back?

Well Found I didnt uncheck the “delete after 7 days from server” as on my server are only 7 days old emails I would somehow? copy from eM to the server.

I am afraid the only solution is to create the same account again (configure it to use IMAP) and then copy the messages from the original to the newly created account.

Well I could mark all messages and send them to the server, but there is a blockade that I can do 20 at one time.

Is there any chance to copy all of messages using one direction mail?

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I am not sure - I would rather contact your server administrator and ask him to disable the limitation for a while.