eM Client doesn't release images, so I can not delete them outside of eM Client.

eM Client version 6.019714.0

If I want to add an image to a contact, I browse to that image and save the contact.

From then on, I can not delete/change the image outside of eM Client, because eM Client is still holding a handle to that image.

If I try to delete that image in Windows Explorer, Windows Explorer says that the image is still being hold by eM Client.

First I need to close eM Client, and only then I can delete the image.

Hi, I am not experiencing this issue in same version as you do, could you please make screenshot of that issue and post it here?


eM Client 6.019714.0

Windows 8.1, 64 bits.

See attached screen shots.

Note that this happens with images which I’ve added to my contacts; I didn’t test deleting images which I’ve added to e-mails.

Even if I move to another contact in eM Client, I still can not delete the image of Donald Duck in Windows Explorer.

I was asking about this and can you tell me if this is happening with all images? try to put it into attachment or in event/s.

Anyway if this will not help then turn eM Client off, open task manager and check if mailclient.exe is still running.


If I create a new e-mail and attach an image to that e-mail and I haven’t sent the e-mail, I also can not delete that image in Windows Explorer.

This is also what I would expect…I don’t think eM Client is storing a temporarily image of the images I’m attaching to an e-mail.

As soon as I have sent the e-mail, I CAN delete the image in Windows Explorer.

Of course I don’t want to close eM Client when I’ve added an image to a contact, and I would like to delete or rename that image outside of eM Client.

Yes, eM Client do not create any temporary image, but to be hones I don’t understand scenario of deleting image before contact is saved or email is send.

At my computer it is no problem of deleting image after I send email or click on save when creating contact.


Hi John,

It’s not only about *deleting* an image…I also can not rename or overwrite the image.

Suppose I want to add an image to a contact, but once I’ve added it to that contact in eM Client, I realize that I want to crop the image…so I open my image editor, load the image, crop it, try to save it and then…error: I can not save the image, because it has been opened in eM Client.

As written, I can also delete an image which I’ve added as an attachment to an e-mail (but only after I’ve sent the e-mail).

As you can see in my screen shots: I can not overwrite/rename/delete an image in a contact after I’ve pressed the [save] button of that contact.

Hi, this seems like making things more harder then they are, user can always close window before he will edit image.
That should release selected image and make it available for edit.


As written I need to close eM Client completely to release the image. Just closing the ‘contact’ window is not enough to release the image.

I understand, but we do not plan to change this behaviour at this moment, it is nothing crucial and we have to focus our time on different issues and problems.


I agree that you have more important things to implement.

However, forgetting to release file handles is not ‘clean’ programming, so I hope it will be fixed one day.

I understand you, but developers knows about this and it is up to them if they will rework it.
I was just writing what I’ve been told.