eM Client doesn't open in a maximised window

I’ve just upgraded to version 3.0 and use the programme in a maximised window. However the programme always opens up in non-maximised window and sits on the lower right hand side of my desktop causing me to move and resize the window every time (see image). Is there a fix available for a small but irritating bug?

I was told that there will be a FIX in the next update. I asked WHEN the next update will be available and eMClient NEVER answered.
This is the BEST eMail program out there for Windows 7, since Microsoft has decided to removed the Outlook Express from Windows 7, (BIG MISTAKE). Microsoft Outlook ($150) is a CUMBERSOME complicated eMailer. WE THE PEOPLE all we want a A SIMPLE eMailer to send, receive and store eMail. eMClient is the program provided that WE THE PEOPLE get a little more attention.

The link to fixed version is available at https://discourse.emclient.com/emclient/to… .

Thank you very much for your reply and FIX for the MAXIMIZE initial problem. You have CORRECTED THE PROBLEM. I bid you had a lot of complains. It was a waist of time.
PLEASE KEEP the eM Client (The BEST eMail Program today) SIMPLE, EFFICIENT and that can COMMUNICATE with all eMail programs. Microsoft has elected to NOT to provide a normal, simple and regular eMail program like Outlook Express. They try to force us to use their Outlook program. I just refuse to use a cumbersome, complicated and useless program. Your eM Client program satisfy a normal person for what it is for SEND and RECEIVE eMail.
Please keep it accessible and SIMPLE.

Thank you very much

Dr. Frank G.