eM Client doesn't have a valid license

After using eM Client for some years
I’ve received this morning an error message saying that eM Client doesn’t have a valid license. And sending of emails are disabled. That’s wrong because I have a Pro license since 1/7/2016. I tried to resolve the issue with the License Manager but when I entered my details they were not accepted. I reset my password and I received a new password as well as an activation key. But when I entered these new details they were not accepted. So what can I do now?

You need to open a support ticket with eM Client. They will be able to assist you further. 

In the mean-time if you go to the License Manager and login with your newly sent credentials, can you deactivate the license? If you can, go back to eM Client and activate it again.

If you have two or less email accounts in eM Client, a temporary solution may be to register a Free License and activate that until they can resolve your issue.

Or, a more exciting option is to install the latest beta version from the Release History. Betas do not require a license, and have no account restriction, so you can use it until the final version is released.

Thanks for your answer. It does work now. Just a few minutes after i posted the question the eM Client started working properly without doing anything on my part.  I don’t know why that happened. 

It may have been a server issue. Anyway, happy it’s sorted.