eM Client doesn't have a valid license-2 computers

I have two main computers I use at home: one in the shop and one in the office.
I downloaded and installed eM Client on both. I used the license activation key provided to activate.
When I have a day where I switch to the alternate computer, I get the following when I start eM Client:
eM Client doesn’t have a valid license. I have to reactivate using my key.
When I switch back to the other computer, I have to do it all over again.
I tried getting a separate license activation key, but I was told that one had already been issued for that email address.
What is the solution?

This may help.


jueves 10 septiembre 2020 :: 1722hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi sunriseal…

Do you have a separate license for each computer?
If not that is your problem.

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@skybat, And YOUR problem appears to be your inability to follow the thread. It was not me that has the problem, it is @wa2pux. Concentrate…

@wa2pux If you have a free home license and want to use it on your second computer, then you will have to (first deactivate it) on your first computer and (then activate it) on your second computer. Then to switch back, same process. Not ideal.

Alternatively to avoid doing that, buy an EM Client license (for your second pc) as per the below EM Client FAQ link below on Licenses for a second computer as @sunriseal advised.

FAQ - Licenses


I have activated my license on a second computer and my other computer has started to ask for the license key again, how can I resolve this?

eM Client licenses are meant to be used on one computer only, so if you have one eM Client license and are using eM Client on two or more computers, you will be asked to re-activate your eM Client license each time you switch between the computers. We offer very significant discounts, so please visit our webpage at Pricing | The best email client for Windows and Mac | eM Client and consider purchasing additional licenses. If you have any questions regarding the purchase, please contact our sales department at [email protected].

viernes 11 septiembre 2020 :: 1409hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi Sunriseal…

Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit!

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