eM Client doesn't connect to Gmail account

Hi to everyone!

As of the last several months eM Client is unable to connect to my Gmail account (I keep getting the dreaded red triangle with the message “an attempt to connect to X@gmail.com failed”). Strangely, the problem is not constant but erratic (sometimes it connects, most of the time it doesn’t) without any apparent reason. I have tried the following, with no success:

  1. Disabling my Avast Internet Security anti-virus.
  2. Removing and reinstalling eM Client.
  3. Deleting and adding again my Gmail account.

My account settings: IMAP: Port 993 - Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy). SMTP: Port 578 - Force usage of SSL/TLS.

I’d be grateful for any suggestions on how to fix this frustrating problem.

Any chance you are using a VPN?

Thanks for the reply. No, I’m not using a VPN.

What version of eMC are you using? Menu > Help > About

The version is 8.2.1659 (845a639)


Uninstall Avast Internet Security completely and reboot to test as disabling it may not be enough to test if its the problem.

Also when using Avast you normally have to “disable it’s built-in incoming mail scanning” otherwise it will interfere with eM Client. See link below.

“eM Client 8 Avast work-around”


If disabling Avast incoming mail scanning or uninstalling Avast to test makes no difference to the Gmail connection issue, then try disabling all non OS background tasks on the boot (to test), as their could be some other startup program interfering with eM Client.

I too am having this exasperating problem. It appeared suddenly about two weeks ago. I do not know Avast. My Em client version is 8.2.1659 (845a639).
Any advice will greatly appreciated. I don’t want to abandon Emclient after about 15 years, although I’d happily shoot google.


I too am having this exasperating problem. It appeared suddenly about two weeks ago. I do not know Avast. My Em client version is 8.2.1659 (845a639)

If you a have a normal Gmail IMAP or other “IMAP acct , Exchange or iCloud setup”, suggest to try removing and readding your account from eM Client via “Menu / Accounts”. That usually fixes most issues.

Before removing your account, backup eM Client via “Menu / Backup”

Cyberzork, thanks for the advice. Didn’t have a chance to test its effectiveness yet, as today my eMC woke up in a good mood and syncs to gmail perfectly - as I wrote, the problem appears erratically, but when it does it can go on for many days… Will try your remedies as soon as it resurfaces. Meanwhile, any feedback from others who face - and have possible solved - the same issue would be valuable.

Predictably, the problem came up again. Following Cyberzorg’s suggestion (thanks!), I disabled Inbound Mail Scan from Avast’s Core Shield Settings and it seems it has done the trick, at least for the time being. However, I am concerned about the potential risk of bypassing this critical security filter. Is there no other solution? If there is an inherent compatibility issue between eMC and Avast, should I switch to another anti-virus software? Which one does eMC work well with?

There is no compatibility issue between eM Client and Avast. Many differant Antivirus programs mail scanning can cause problems with lots of differant mail clients in general. AVG is another one that comes to mind.

Its just the way alot of third party Antivirus mail scanning programs work. So all you can do is disable that inbound mail scanning part and that normally fixes the issues.

If you use eg: Windows 10 or 11, the built in Windows defender within Windows security works fine and you don’t need that optional inbound mail scanning in Avast enabled. It allways intercepts anything suspicious email downloads from my own experience and gives you options to quarantine or delete it.

I an my friends have never had any issues using eM Client in all the years ive been using it with just the built in Windows defender.

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Problem solved! Cyberzork, many thanks for the advice!