eM Client does not synchronize emails

Good afternoon I’ve been using eM client for well over a year and in that last month it does not sync the emails, but when I access them through webmail everything is normal, I’m losing emails that have to be answered fast by In fact I do not receive them, how will this be arranged?

Usually when something changes without you changing anything, it’s the mail provider.  The fact that you can access the webmail account is totally different from accessing via a third party app using IMAP.  I would contact your provider to see if anything changed.  If not, try disabling your AV software and see if the problem continues.  If it is the AV software, you can create a rule that allows eM Client to pass through.

By the way, are you getting any error messages?

No error message, just nothing happens.

my email service is gmail, and before that it worked fine, and there was no change in the configuration.

same here. I have to restart emclient several time a day to make sure I get all mails. Which is your provider ? I am on OVH

It’s Gmail, but I did test with three other ISPs (Outlook, UOL, Terra), and the same thing happened. I’ve switched from client to Mozzilla Thunderbird, and it stopped happening.

I think the same as you. It’s emclient related.

hi same kind of behaviour i have… 
i have 143.732 mails but emclient shows 37.418 of them 
and from 8-8-2016 to 13-11-2018 mails are not downloaded.
i am using macosx mojave 
my mail provider is gmail business, i can see all of them in my gmail web and on my phone… 
but when i click on refresh, it tries to sync then says finished… still the same :slight_smile:

It happened to me on Monday.  Later that day it started working correctly again.  No problem yesterday.  But today, same problem.  Can’t download messages that I can get with other devices and can’t send out new messages.  

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eventuell verhindert das AV die Verbindung!

Ich habe Kaspersky und folgendes zur ausnahme hinzugefügt …

imap.  (anbieter)


C: \ Programme (x86) \ eM Client \ MailClient.exe