eM Client does not start in a consistent manner

I run eM Client on Windows 11 Home version, and it does not start in a consistent manner.

Sometimes eM Client starts with a maximized window, other times it starts with a half window, and sometimes it starts fully minimized, and when I select it from the tab bar, it either displays in maximized window or a half window. Not sure what is happening. At first I thought it has something to do with the state of the eM Client window when Windows 11 was shut down. But I experimented with eM Client either maximized or partial window and then shut down Windows 11, but could not find a pattern.

Seems like eM Client starts unpredicably, no matter what state it was in when Windows 11 shut down.
It is a small annoyance, but it bothers me. Can someone help with this please?

domingo 31 marzo 2024 :: 1231hrs (UTC +0100)

I am not certain but I guess from what you say that you do not exit eMC before you shut down Win 11.
If this is what you do, note that it is better to exit eMC and for that matter all apps before shutting down Win 11.
You should start doing this, perhaps it will solve the issue.
I have never experienced the issue you describe.


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Thank you for the swift reply. It does not matter how Windows 11 is shut down, sometimes with eM Client still running and other times with eM Client shut down first.
Also, when Windows 11 starts, and if eM Client is minmized to the bottom task bar, when I maximize eM Client it often opens up in a window that is one-half of the screen size, and other times it opens to a window that is full-screen.
Just seems very unpredictable to my mind.