eM Client does not shut down when closed.

When I close eM client it visually disappeares but actuallay NOT CLOSES but remains active doing obscure things in the background. When I shut down windows 10 minutes later, the eM task still needs deinitialization. How can it be still runnig at that point of time? This clearly indicates that it does not really close on close which is a defite no go. When the user says “bye bye program” it HAS TO go without moaning.This particular behaviour also leads to a whole bunch of follow up problems, e.g. eM Client allmost allways damages it’s own database on system shutdown which is really annoying because it leads to data loss quite regularily. Before this is fixed I cannot trust eM.

What rev eMC?  I see this on 6.xxx and drives me nuts. It’s usually remains as a  background process farther down the Task Mgr display, not up where the program was initially and I have to off that to clear things and start over…until the next time,…then repeat.

Reinstalling the app multiple times from the website and recreating my account did not fix, but the problem went away on it’s own for a week or so, then came  back, then went away, then… etc.

The only other variable I can think of, for me anyway, is Win10 which MS is updating on their schedule. Once installed eMC is static and has no connection to the company who made it, so nothing they can do can break it. v6 was solid as a rock for me for years till about 3-4 months ago.

If you open Task Manager after closing eMClient, it shows its continuing activity, which lasts for varying amounts of time.  If you try to shut down Windows before eMClient closes entirely, you get a message reporting that it remains open and needs to shut down.  This is a major nuisance.  At minimum, if there is going to be a delay, the program should report that indicate how long it needs to completely close. But there actually should be no delay.

This must be a v7 thing. Are you using v7?

I do not see exactly what you report in v6, BUT I do see something similar: randomly I’ll try to delete one email by highlighting and hitting delete key. Just one email. A pop-up box appears and says " this operation could take a while",  and in fact it will run overnight or till I kill the app. I think it would run forever. It seems to think I asked it to move many thousands of emails to a folder, but I’m just deleting one email. When this pop-up box is open, I can not use the app, so have to walk away.

When I kill the app, now in Task Mgr it appears as a  background process way down the page and will of sit there forever as I said above.  While this is the case, I can not run eMC again because it’s already running, except there is no open window so it’s unusable. I then have to kill the background process and can now open the app, but have to wait 5min or more while it does the database integrety check. From there, it’s random as to whether it will run normally, or repeat again at the  hang when I try to delete an email, then I have to start above all over again. If it runs normally, it may be ok for an hour or a day, a week, or 5 minutes. Totally unpredictable.

I went so far as to start prepping Yahoo and/or Gmail for regular use when the next day eMC  began working just fine. It screws up less now, maybe once a day, so it’s not out of the penalty box just yet and gmail is on standby.

This all started out of the blue a couple months ago after years of trouble-free use. What the heck changed? Again, it’s v6. Will wait a very long time before I try v7, given all the problem reports.

As I believe I said in an earlier post, weeks ago I download v6 latest rev from their website and reinstalled at least 2-3 times with no improvement. Also deleted and recreated my account. This did not help either. I was hoping it was a corrupt DB which does happen and will cause any number of weird things to happen.

In the meantime, I continue to experiment with Yahoo and Gmail to try decide which to fall back on, but am not crazy about either one. When working right eMC is the best email client ever (I used Outlook for decades) and I’ve been using email since before the internet (private corp network).

PS: one of the things I love about eMC is it’s seamless connectivity with Apple stuff. I am synced to my iPhone, and iCloud acct., and wife’s iPhone and iPad. With her stuff, it’s just calendar that’s synced (it’s all I want). For me it’s iCloud and therefore the iPhone, mail, Contacts and Reminders are synced, and it never hiccups. Very nice indeed. I can not get Yahoo or Gmail to do all that.

I’m using version 7,0.27943.0 on Windows 7 SP1 and it does not matter what I do in a session. Even if I do nothing but open and close it will fail. Allmost allways on startup it repairs it’s database which most often works but any 20 tries the db is lost. This is no option for my personal data. I thougt it has to do with having my db folder on a remote drive but changing to a local folder does not help, too. It’s simple: eM does not close correctly. Maybe some lazy garbage collector? Some waitstait? Some message hook? Whatever it is it’s a bug.

Hello everybody,

We’re sorry for the inconvenience. Could you please first make sure that you aren’t closing eM Client to tray? You can check this in Menu -> Tools -> Settings -> General - General - ‘Close application to tray’. If this is turned off and you are still experiencing issue, please download this tool http://www.emclient.com/tools/emstackdump.exe and run it when you closed eM Client but still see it in the Task Manager. It will create a .txt file called “eM Client Stack date time”. Please send it to hester@emclient.com with a link to this thread and we will look into what is the issue.

Thank you,

Hello Maurice,

I have sent you the file the tool has created.

As I have mentioned in another thread I think it may have something to do with the splash screen (login dialog) handle wich is obviously not registered to Windows as application handle. Because of this minimize/maximize of the login dialog does not work and maybe closing hangs for the same reason.

Hello Björn,

Thank you for the file and the detailed info. I have passed it along to our developers and will get back to you when they have a look.