eM Client does not download my emails from gmail

EM suddenly stopped receiving messages for me. I deleted the account and added it again. Now I don’t have any messages and the program is synchronizing all the time. I will add that he has downloaded the list of contacts, calendar and chat, but he does not want mail
I downloaded version 8 today and it doesn’t work either

I’ve had this for a week or so. 
You can see everything I’ve tried here: https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/gmail-sync-no-longer-working
Suffice to say I’ve had to revert back to using the Gmail web client. 

Oh, join the club. Me too. I thought about buying  a license but then I thought that the  risk is too great. EClient has worked on and off but for 3 years but this last time has been a show stopper. Looking at my  this forum there are many. many users with problems.

If you are not seeing emails in your Mail account within EM Client from Gmail with V7 or V8 Beta, then i suspect that the EM Client “mail box file” or some other file within EM Client on your local computer is corrupted in some way and needs manually deleting.

If you have Windows I would suggest to uninstall EM Client completely and (once deleted, make sure the EM Client Storage" folder in your local profile is deleted. C:\Users\xxxxx\AppData\Roaming\eM Client . Also remove the following local profile folder. C:\Users\xxxxx\AppData\Local\eM Client .

Note:- Both of those folders are “Hidden” folders.

Then reinstall EM Client & re-setup your Gmail accounts. When you setup Gmail accounts you should get asked to “Allow access” to Gmail going through the wizard before the end of the setup. If you still don’t see any email then i would be looking at some sort of Registry cleaner as you may then have some Windows problem.

  • I removed eM Cilent
  • I deleted directories from App Data
  • I cleared cookie registers etc. with CCleaner
  • I installed eM Cilent
  • email download does not work

Do you run any third party optional antivirus, security, firewall programs ?

I have G DATA TOTAL SECURITY, but I can’t find anything there regarding email lock

Oh that’s interesting - you’re on G DATA as well? This is a thing we have in common. But I’ve tried disabling G DATA and that hasn’t had any impact. 

there appear to be soo many problems with eMClient!

I have not been able to download emails since March. I’ve given up using this software.

If you are using G DATA antivirus then I’ve been in touch with G DATA support and the issue is at their end and they are working on a fix. In the meantime you can disable the Email Check feature and it should work ok.

You’re right
I turned off the whole anti-virus and it works.
Now I need to check how to disable only e-mail …:wink:

We found a problem. It results from a G DATA error. After disabling Antivirus, the messages were downloaded

G Data software help index page.

It appears to disable email checking  in G Data software  its - (Settings / Antivirus / Email Check) .  

(Extract below from the above link.

Email check

The email check enables you to scan incoming and outgoing emails and file attachments for viruses and eliminate possible infections at the source. The software can directly delete file attachments or repair infected files if viruses are found.

•Disable email protection: Please select this option if you do not want the G Data software to check emails. However, disabling this entails a high security risk and should only be done in exceptional cases.

•More settings: You can find more information on this in the section Settings | AntiVirus | Email check.