eM Client displays too many emails wrong

I give up. eM Client is a nice piece of software. In many ways, I prefer it to Thunderbird. But the one place eM falls down is the most basic. It messes up displaying a LOT of emails.

Most of the time, it’s missing elements or strangely long empty spaces. In one case, it refused to properly display an email from Google. It just showed a bunch of HTML at the top, then the email. This email displayed properly in the Gmail web interface and in Thunderbird. I contacted eM support, and they claimed it was the email’s fault. So they don’t care about this issue.

But what do you have an email program for, if not to display the emails you receive?

I’m out the money that I paid to buy the deluxe edition, but I’m going back to Thunderbird, which actually displays emails properly. I’ll probably check eM every now and then and see if they have fixed their email display problem, but since they blame the emails as faulty, I’m not wildly optimistic.

We investigated the issue thoroughly, and the message you sent as a sample certainly had a lot of invalid HTML.

Of course we care, but unfortunately when someone sends you a message with broken code, there is not much that can be done except to display the message exactly as the code they sent says to display it. Sorry.