em client did not transfer all live mail messages at install

em client did not transfer all live mail messages at install. It appears to have created all the live mail folders and even SOME of the stored mail.  But a large number of the messages are missing.
I am using a POP3 server and download messages to local folders.

You can manually import the messages using Menu > File > Import > WLM. If Local Folders are not visible in eM Client, you can enable them in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Show Local Folders.

Was already showing local folders.
Already tried import, both WLM and an individual folder.  Progress bar looked like it was doing transfer but nothing showed in the folder
I went through 33 pages of this forum using the search terms in the title.  I tried a lot of stuff before I posted.
Thanks for posting.

I was sure I replied to this, but it is not here. Must be age catching up. :slight_smile:

Not a WLM user, but maybe you can try exporting the messages from within WLM, then import those into eM Client. I also understand that WLM stores its messages as eml or msg files. You can simply drag those into eM Client.

Of course if the account in WLM was setup as IMAP, then adding the same account to eM Client will sync the messages from the server, so no import necessary.