Em Client created duplicate folders for same account

How do I eliminate duplicate folder for same account?

If its an eg: IMAP, Exchange, Office 365 or iCloud account duplicate mail folder and won’t delete in eM Client, go online to your mailbox via a browser and delete it, and then close and reopen eM Client.

Sorry, but how do I go online to my maibox via browser? I’m not an expert.
Thanks, Bill25

Sorry, but how do I go online to my maibox via browser? I’m not an expert.

Go to the website of wherever you signed up for your email address and there should be a webmail login or website mail login. That’s how you login to your email without a mail client.

If you don’t know, what’s the last part of your email address after the @ sign .

Okay, I removed my duplicated email system, shut down EMC and my computer, then restarted and reloaded my email. Lo and behold EMC not only duplicated that email system again, but also duplicated my gmail system so now I have four email folders for two email systems. Advice? Am I doing something to cause duplication?

Ok If your online account folders “are now not duplicated”, but eM Client acct folders are still duplicated even after restarting eM Client, then sounds like your Gmail account & other mail acct in eM Client have then got out of sync with your server mailboxes.

To fix that you can either try the repair option or remove and re-add your accounts, or restore an eM Client backup when it was working ok.

To repair a Gmail account, right click on “All Mail” and click properties at the bottom. Then click the repair tab at the top, and lastly click Repair. For the non Gmail account, right click on your mail account “Inbox” and click Properties & then Repair.

Note: The repair can take a little time as it clears all the local folder / messages cache. Messages will also have to re-read again after repairing.

If the repair makes no difference and you use Gmail and your other Mail account as standard IMAP accounts, then go to “Menu / Accounts” and remove and re-add your accounts.

Alternativily if you have been doing regular weekly eM Client backups, go to “Menu / File / Restore” and restore a recent dated backup before the duplicate mail folder problem started.