eM Client create 5 files on Win10 desktop

CZ: eM Client mi při instalaci vytvořil na ploše Win10 4 soubory o velikosti 5 MB a 1 8kB. /edb.log, edbres00001.jrs, edbres00002.jrs, edbtmp.log a edb.chk/ Co s nimi? Mohu je smazat?
ENG: eM Client has created 4 files of 5 MB and 1 8kB on the Win10 desktop. /edb.log, edbres00001.jrs, edbres00002.jrs, edbtmp.log and edb.chk / What’s with them? Can I delete them?

It is unclear, but I don’t recall these being created by eM Client. They might have something to do with very low disk space on your computer.

If you close eM Client and then delete them, it will not affect your database.

First thanks for your reply. I deleted the created files and it looks like eM Client works well without them. / Otherwise, I have very little space on the 120GB SSD - about 3.5GB. /

You’re right. These files are not eM Client but Windows Live Mail.