eM Client crashes when you add a owncloud carddav-accout.

I just added a owncloud carddav account to my emclient.
Now it already chrashed several times, when I sort or search
my contacts. Even when it’s just in the background it crashes.
I see emclient sync all the time when I search.
The contactlist to the left gets reloaded over and over again.

Please post here the text of the error message. Thanks.

Probably an owncloud BUG.


The getetag WebDAV incorrectly contains unquoted property value (e90b16c7e76844f18c9eba44af5cca1d) when it should contain the exact same value as reported in the ETag header (ie. “e90b16c7e76844f18c9eba44af5cca1d”). This causes eM Client to treat the items as always modified since it compared the value returned by GET request to the one returned by the PROPFIND request.

Hope it will be solved soon …