eM Client crashes when importing mails from outlook (MS Exchange)

When I select a group of emails within outlook and try to drag and drop them into an eM Client folder under Local Folders it freezes. Sometimes it works like a charm but in the majority of cases it just get stucked. I have to force ending the task from the Windows task manager. I need to get this solved ASAP since I need to back up my emails from Outlook server, I almost ran out of space. I’m using windows 7, the version of eM Client is 6.0.24432.0

The company I work for came up with the absurd idea of disabling the use of .pst files with the outlook account, so I cannot create .pst anymore or even open them. That’s why I installed eM Client but it’s taking too much time doing a simple task as copying emails from outlook.

Please help!!!

Hello Oscar,
importing your emails by drag and dropping them from a different client is not a correct way to move your data, that’s why it cannot work properly.
Use the import function in eM Client. Go to File>Import>Import from Microsoft Outlook and let it detect your accounts and data.