eM Client crashes when Facebook is blocked by internet filter

I have a customer base who purchase computers with a Standard Operating Environment which includes internet filtering.  I have no control over the filtering and I’m not associated with the supplier of the SOE.

I’m evaluating eM Client for a number of my business customers, and every computer on this SOE has the same problem, whether it is Win7 or Win8.

eM Client crashes after a few minutes.  In reading through the error report, it appears to be eM Client trying to contact Facebook and receiving a message back from the internet filtering software (essentially a proxy on the local PC that captures all HTTP and HTTPS traffic and filters it), which is causing eM Client to crash on the spot.

The only setting I can find in eM Client is to not automatically check for a contacts avatar on FB.  Turning that off makes no difference.

I need to be able to turn off ALL connection to Facebook.  This SOE will NEVER allow FB to be accessible, it’s against policy for all customers of the supplier.

The problem occurs whether connecting to MS Exchange using RPC over HTTP, Gmail via IMAP, or even just a POP3 account somewhere.

There’s a very good possibility that this software could be used by a lot of people in the community I work for, but the fact that it is trying - even if unsuccessful - to contact Facebook without the knowledge of the user - is a big issue.

eM Client seems to be otherwise an excellent email client, and it has shown itself to be rock solid so far with connections to Hosted Exchange servers, which is important to my customer base.

I have a number of businesses looking at alternatives to MS Office, and the last link is an email client that can connect to Exchange.  If this issue can be resolved, it would be great.  If not it would be a waste of an opportunity.

I’m hoping you guys can help.

Hi, can you please copy the error message from the crash report window and post the full error here on the forum?
What version of eM client are you currently using? Are you using a proxy?

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Thanks for the reply Paul…

I have already submitted the crash report directly from emClient with my Gmail email address (not the one I registered on this forum with).  I don’t have a copy of a crash report here right now, I’ll see if I can organise one of my customers to generate one and send it to me.

Latest version of eM Client, last one was a customer who downloaded the software today.

Proxy - YES.  I pointed that out in my post.  The computers have an internet filtering system, based on a whitelist/blacklist system.  It intercepts all HTTP/HTTPS traffic, regardless of the system proxy settings.  As such any application that tries to communicate via HTTP or HTTPS is filtered - which is painful to say the least, but there’s nothing I can do about it.  The filtering system is here to stay.  Facebook is PERMANENTLY locked out, WILL NOT be allowed under ANY circumstances.

As such I need a way to stop eM Client trying to connect to FB.

Hi again, can you please get the error when the application crashes and send it to me, I unfortunately don’t have access to the reported error.

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Indeed “The filtering system is here to stay.”  These days any business that does not at least have a (real) firewall is seriously asking for trouble.  Although my customer base does not have your SOE,  I am finding that their firewalls may similarly be an issue. 

I am hopeful that our problems will be addressed: we represent a whole lot of potential paying customers.

Rather than dump a very lengthy error report - here is a Dropbox link:


Hi again, can you please download this version of eM Client (http://www.emclient.com/dist/v6.0.20546/setup.msi) and install the update, the issue should be fixed, let me know if it helped or if you encounter any other issues with this version.

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Hi again, we’ve just released an update that should solve this issue. http://www.emclient.com/dist/v6.0.20563/setup.msi , let me know if it helped.

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