eM Client crashed and stopped to work

Dear Sir,
I have big problem.
eM Client doesn´t work any more.

Since few weeks it stops apruptly and has restarted without my knowing the reason. Actually I didn´t do any strage job.

And today is the worst day. The eM Client doesn´t work any more, it has given up and it stopped to work. It doesn´t sat any more. And I cannot do any jobs in eM Client. It crashed totally.

  • Can you help me to get it in function?



Assuming you are running the windows version of eMC AND
If you are comfortable executing these steps, give this a try:
(1) Delete any installation files you have downloaded.
(2) Uninstall eM Client, making sure not to delete your database directory when asked. This will ensure your settings and data remain in place.
(3) If it exists, delete C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client
(4) Download and install the latest version from the Release History.

Are you using Thai localization?

If so, in Windows Settings, change your region format to English US or English UK, then restart eM Client.

Let me know what happens. If it doesn’t help, please send me an email directly [email protected]