eM Client consistently disconnects from internet when "send" is clicked after composing a message.

Message does not send. Get error message that says browser cannot connect to the internet. Forces me to reboot. Open eM Client again, and message has been sent.

Clarification from originator – Windows 8 reboot appears to be required because eM Client disconnects PC from wireless network when “Send” is clicked.

Further clarification from originator – Other PC’s with other e-mail clients work fine with wireless network.

Thank you for reporting this. It seems, that is is located to your computer only and I cannot imagine how could eM Client cause this. Anyway, contact me directly at [email protected] and I will send you further instructions.

Since I installed emClient a few years ago, when starting my laptop, emClient switches off my wireless. It’s the only app running. I can start my wireless again, and it remains stable until I restart again. Any thoughts?

Hi Terry, unfortunately I can’t replicate this issue, however eM client does not have the ability to use these system settings, we believe this issue is not caused by the application.
try to turn of eM Client and check if the wireless turns itself off as well, I believe this might be a system or a hardware issue.

Thank you for understanding,