eM Client Composing Editor Allows Paste, But Without Highlight

Using eM Client 6.0.21040.0 Free on Win7 64-bit

eM Client’s email composition editor allows paste; however, the pasted text is inserted without retaining a highlight. Oddly, the default is leaving the cursor immediately before the pasted text, rather than after it. If a feature were included to insert the text with highlighting of the block of text, it would make it easier to use the right or left arrow to “decide” whether to insert the editing insertion point before or after the inserted text if one or the other end needs post-insertion editing (which is often the case if not both). Not a high priority item, but seemed worth mentioning.

Hi Doug, unfortunately eM Client does not support text highlighting at the moment, but the feature is on our todo list for future releases.
I’m however not completely sure what exactly occurs during the pasting and the cursor, whenever I paste the text inside the mail composing window, cursos is always behind the pasted text.

Thank you,