em client changes my meetings times one hour ealier

When I add an item to the calendar for example from 9 AM until 10 AM, it initially saves for a couple seconds and then when they sync starts the calendar item moves to 8 AM until 9 AM (one hour earlier.  Another friend of mine has em client too and the same thing is happening on his.  We are both using the 7.0.27… version.

I am using Windows 10.  I went into change the time adjustments and turned-off daylight savings time and then tried to add another calendar item.  Now, it moved the calendar items an hour later.  

Windows settings:

Set Time Automatically is OFF
Set Time Zone Automatically is OFF
Time Zone is set to my correct time zone.

So, I then change the Set Time Zone Automatically to ON and that seemed to resolve the issue.  But, that’s very strange that I would have to do that.  I’d like to keep everything in my timezone and not use the automatically adjust option.

Hi Brian,

because eM Client is using your local Windows time, manual time zone setup may cause that time on your computer differs from time on server.
Due to this fact events can be slightly moved in time. We recommend set your timezone automatically to prevent this.

Kind regards