"eM Client can't verify identity of "mail.charter.net." What do I do?

I cannot send emails via eM Client. I keep getting error messages to the effect that “a required certificate is not within its validity period…”  Is this a problem with my ISP or with eM Client? What’s my problem?

Unfortunately eM Client is not compatible with Charter servers.

I have been using eM Client with Charter servers for several years, with very few problems, and certainly nothing like this.  I called Charter Tech Support and they said nothing about incompatibilities between the two systems.  They verified that the problem did not lie with Charter, that it must be something with eM Client settings.  Is there some “certificate” that expired on October 3?  I got eM Client error message saying “Connecting to pop.charter.net failed. [STMP] An attempt to connect to pop.charter.net failed. This could be caused by temporary server unavailability or incorrect settings. …”

So this is a different error to the first one you mentioned. A temporary connection issue could be caused by many things like a failure in your Internet connection, an interruption caused by an anti-virus or firewall application, or even as the error suggests, a server unavailability. As you seem to be able to connect to the Internet to post to this forum, you could try disabling your anti-virus or firewall, then try again. If that makes no difference, or the issue started after updating eM Client, you can uninstall what you have and then download and install the previous version that was working from the Release History

The previous error you mentioned above regarding the certificate has nothing to do with an email client, and the tech support should know that. Please refer to them again as that error has to do with their server; maybe their SSL certificate has expired.