Em-Client can't "fix" connection-- HELP?

On a working Windows 10 w/Thunderbird. TB stopped sending/receiving Gmail as of 25 Aug. I installed Em-Client for this friend (certain it would solve the issue), but it did the same thing. So, I ran sfc /scannow & dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth, no issues.

I logged into his Gmail via Edge & it connects fine, so username/PW is correct. I double-checked IMAP was enabled in Gmail settings as well as “allow insecure apps”. It shouldn’t matter, as it WAS working, but just trying everything I could think of.

Em-Client says incorrect settings, but they’re exactly what was always there and what Gmail recommends.

Oddly, he has an old iPad and iOS Mail sends/receives from this acct just fine.

What did I miss? I deleted the account, restarted, re-created at least three times-- same thing?


Try stopping VPN, Anti-Virus

No VPN, only Win 10 AV tho I did disable it. Something happened on the 25 Aug. I’m starting to think MS update, again. It’s getting ridiculous how many issues their updates cause. Breaking networking, printers, email, display, sound… That’s what happens when you lay off your testers at MS. End-users become the unpaid trouble-shooters.

You are not the only one posting here that referenced Aug 25 as the date issues began… so your “theory” may have merit.

That would certainly mesh with iOS working but not Windows.

Do you know which Windows update was applied on 25th @TThompson?

@Gary No, I only thought of it after I’d left. I’m going to contact back through Anydesk and have a look.

@ sunriseal That was the last time his email worked through TB. I had high-hopes for EMC, but when THAT failed…It has to be a Google/MS glitch as Apple iOS mail functions fine.

jueves 02 septiembre 2021 :: 1333hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @Gary

There are several updates listed for 25 August 2021 at:

Also, on my test laptop, which is up to date with MS updates, and connected via a VPN as a test I ran through MasMovil/Madrid, Comvive/Valencia, u-mee/Gibralter & Avatel/Malaga, (Ethernet & WiFi) which has 3 Gmail accounts (2 IMAP & 1 POP3)
I have just run it and there have NOT been any issues; I last ran it Sunday 5 August 2021

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I’ve been busy with medical issues w/children, but starting to wonder if this could be nuanced enough that it comes down to hardware? I’m trying to arrange a time to remote in and have a look at the installed updates. Will return later this week with a report as to whether it helps to remove the updates and, if so, will give a hardware list.