eM Client - Calendar Sync/Refresh rate - changeable?

I am running eM client across two computers synchronising the same calendar from Google Apps. I have set the synchronisation rate in Tools > Settings > General to every x1 minute. It seems this does not apply to the calendar and it will only refresh upon request by pressing the “Refresh” button.

This isn’t ideal as at times I have both eM clients open on both computers and I am changing events frequently and I require this to update the calendar on computer 2 by pulling it in every minute or so.

Am I missing a setting anywhere? Or do I have to install something to allow this to happen?

Running version 6.0.24432.0 on Windows 7

Hello Christian,
the synchronization should apply to all the aspects of your account, Calendar included.
It could be that there is too much data to be synchronized in just one minute, so unless you refresh the Calendar manually, the Mail is possibly resynchronizing in the loop.
Can you see if increasing the synchronization time solves the issue for you?