eM Client: better than Thunderbird, Opera, Pegasus, Becky, The Bat, i.Scribe.

I wanted to move away from Thunderbird (and not into Outlook), as I rely solely on IMAP. In these past three days, I tried almost every e-mail client under the sun: PocoMail, Pegasus, Opera Mail, Becky, The Bat, i.Scribe. Most sucked horribly, some were okay but had flaws (Opera, Bat). eM Client is near perfect.

Near, just near.

Notable failing included gimped up search (only searches from start of the word).
No way to export or backup (that’s, essentially, show stopper bug - without contact list backup, you simply cannot start using the damn thing.

and few less important ones (filters?)

Search could be improved, agreed. But as far as backups are concerned, you can (and should!) use some external utility for backing up all your stuff, eM Client files included. For example: http://www.fbackup.com

You couldn’t be more on time with such comment. I just lost 4 months of IM chats with different software, which is suffering from the same problem as described here - no built in import/export. Old parts of archive got corrupted, but I could not restore them from my BIG HUGE HDD BACKUP, because ithere is no import and merge option. Either use old stuff, or new.

Besides, I want nice, small, reasonably standardized file, which I can manually copy god_knows_where and can be sure that I will be always able to merge it back or maybe even read it in different software.

Well, if you had a big huge backup, all it would take would be just restoring the files to eM Client’s directory. That’s what I do: save almost everything in my user directory (C:\Users\whatever…), and restore what is needed in case of a problem.

Do note, however, that I’m not saying that an Export option isn’t necessary: it is because one might want to switch programs or simply use the data somewhere else (like collected e-mail addresses).