EM Client Backup Import - Client crashes

Hi there,
Im trying to import a .zip backup file from my windows machine to my mac.
When i click on “file / restore” Em-Client crashes immediatly, I can not choose a file to restore.
I tried to copy the data folder manually but this did not work either.

Tried the V10 Beta, same issue.

How can I proceed?
Erik Albert

I only had the problem when i tried to import eM Client V9.2 backup for Windows to an eM Client for Mac V9.2 “slightly earlier revision”. But as you have also tried V10 Beta for Mac that should have upgraded ok. So dblcheck you have exactly the same or later 9.2 version of eM Client or it will fail.

Try then manually opening and extracting your eM Client V9.2 backup.zip file from you Windows “Documents / eM Client folder” and then manually paste those files in the same V9.2 Mac eM Client hidden applications folder. Then open eM Client V9.2 on your Mac and see if that upgrades and works.

Note:- Make sure eM Client for Mac is closed before pasting the extracted Windows backup.zip files in the hidden folder, and also “delete any initial eM Client files in the hidden folder first” so its only your backup files are there. So you install the same or later V9.2 on Mac and then skip the initial setup, and then close eM Client and delete those hidden files and lastly past in the Windows backup.zip files.

You can check & get all the same / similar Windows and Mac V9.2 releases / revisions via the release history page.

Below my example eM Client V9.2 Windows hidden roaming folder with 4 x email accounts. I went from eg: V9.2.2157 for Windows to 9.2.2230 for Mac which was a very close later revision so worked ok.

To access eM Client “Go to your Mac desktop” and "Hold down the “Option key”. While holding, click “Go in the menu” and click “Library”. Then click “Application support” and finally “Click eM Client”.

Hidden mail database folder Mac

“Users\yourusername\Library\Application Support\eM Client”




thanks for the advice!

I managed to migrate the data by manually copying it to the folder as described. It was also important to completely empty the folder beforehand and then copy the data in. This worked with versions 9 and 10.

So lets see how EM performs on Mac these days :slight_smile:

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