eM client automatically does not automatically get email when i open eM client

all the email accounts are getting email and sometimes eM client automatically get email but when i open email i think it should get all the mail so i am looking at all my email to now. It does not do this. is it a setting? ( send and receive button works fine)

I’m not completely sure if I understand your question.

But if you want eM Client to download the e-mail as soon as you’ve started eM Client, that is possible.

Tools > Settings > General

mark ‘synchronize items at startup’

screen shot:

Thank you for your reply. I do have “Synchronize items at startup” checked and Synchronize items every 5 minutes. I have a three monitor setup where eM client is always open on one of the monitors. When I put the computer to sleep and come back the next day or later that day my email is not fully updated (after the computer comes out of sleep mode). And I could be waiting 5 to 10 minutes before it is updated. I would like not to have hit send/receive button. Thanks for any of your help and time.

Then I guess that eM Client is not detecting that you come out of ‘sleep mode’.

Hi Anthony, are you still having issues with this?
Sorry for my late reply, thank you,

Yes, It is still not updating mail automatically when the computer comes out of sleep.  My operating system is  windows 8 with all the updates.   Thanks.

Hi again, unfortunately if your computer is in sleep mode it’s not the same thing as startup, if you have the synchronize items at startup checked, that option is only when eM Client is opened for the first time (when it’s off).

eM client doensn’t detect sleep mode and doesn’t detect that you’ve gone offline and your network connection has gone offline and the synchronization cycles are just paused, so that’s the reason you have to wait another 5 to 10 minutes, before another synchronization cycle.

I hope this doesn’t affect you too much, maybe there’ll be an improvement in the future for this.
Thank you,

Thank you for  providing me with your knowledgeable answer.  I have check mail in settings assigned to five minutes; I guess  I can make that number smaller and that will make the wait coming out of sleep less noticeable.

Sure that’s possible, just remember that this way it will be synchronizing the items even during the regular use and if you have a lot of data/folders/calendars etc. it might generate an increased traffic, so keep that in mind.

Thank you, glad you can manage to work this out, maybe we’ll be able to improve this in future releases,