eM Client autobackup not allowing me to open the program if missed periodic backup

Using eM Client V8.2.1659 & Windows 10 V21H1 if i have eM Client set to auto “periodic backup” which seems to occur around 8.30am or so each morning, if i close the program & shutdown the computer at say 7am (before the time it normally backs up), when i then turn the computer back on at say 10.30am "the eM Client icon shows in the “Tray” and shows “backing up” hovering over the Tray icon (which is fine as it missed the normal auto backup time). However i cannot open the program till the backup is completed ?. Clicking on the eM Client icon on Start Menu, or Desktop shortcut does nothing at all.

Is this normal or should i be able to open the program even though the auto periodic backup is running.

martes 02 noviembre 2021 :: 0856hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @cyberzork

I have noticed the same thing on my spare computer - I just wait and all is well.
Like you I wonder if this is normal, it does not affect normal operation when backup is complete.
Strange you backup AM, I have backup set to 1900rs daily via Task Scheduler on my personal machines with the idea that everything from the day is saved.

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This is designed behavior. Sorry @cyberzork .

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Ok thanks guys for the help :+1:

@skybat i just left the default eM Client Task Schedule time which on my computer was around 8.30am, but have now changed it to 7.00pm as you advised as yes better to backup end of each day.