eM client ask me to reactivate my account every week

ok every week emclent keeps coming up that my license has been deactivated and I keep having to re-enter my license key…why is it doing this>

screenshot of license attached, I am using windows 10 with Avira Anti Virus if this information helps

Hi Craig,
do you use the same license on more than one device, perhaps?


I have the same problem, using the activation key on only one machine.

I checked your license and it has been used on 7 different devices in just last 2 days.
Are you sure you haven’t activated the key on other devices?

I’m new to this and like the program. I have two laptops and two emails.  One free license.  So do I need to use my second email account to get another free license to use on the second laptop?  Then I assume I can ADD the original email account that I used to get the first license to my other laptop, which will put me back to “normal”?

But I’m assuming that then I’ll have to go through all the emails TWICE - once on each laptop.  There’s no way for them to “merge”, is there?

Hello Diane,

If you’re using eM Client on two devices, you’ll need to register for another FREE licence at: https://www.emclient.com/free-license.