eM Client app for IOS 17

Will we ever see an updated app for IOS 17. I cannot use eM Client since I bought an iPhone 15 Pro.

Thank you…

Ok. eM Client does work ok on my iphone and ipad with 17.3 iOS installed.

What happens when you try and open the mobile app ? Need more information.

Also have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling in Testflght?

Updates to the eM CIient mobile apps are usually posted on the eM CIient blog. So keep an eye on that.

Thanks, Cyberzork. That is the one action I did not take as I had forgotten I downloaded via Testflight. I am back to using my preferred app for mail on my iPhone.

And we’ve just released a big update for the beta. We are now very close to the official release, so TestFlight will no longer be needed.


I tried using em Client for ios 17. However for some reason it loads the emails really slow. There are 2 issues that keep me from using the app:

  1. When I click on a notification of a new email - it loads pretty slow. Compared to other email clients - it’s very slow.
  2. When I randomly open the app, it takes like 10-15 seconds of waiting time to fetch new emails. This just wastes a lot of time right there when I can open another client and check all new emails in a matter of a few seconds.

I know ios has restrictions, but this needs to be solved:/ otherwise the app seems to be awesome

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I have also noticed that email fetching is slow on the iOS app

Yes it is the same with me

same with me, iOS 17 iPhone 13 Pro it also does not update in background

i have had to give up using it and go back to apple mail, shame as it is a real nice product but just too slow

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