eM Client Android mobile app stopped synching after latest March OS 14 security update

Yesterday both out eM Client Android mobile apps V10 Beta (latest version) stopped synching and would not receive or send mail after the latest Samsung OS 14 March updated pushed on our Samsung S22 and Samsung Fold 3 mobiles.

We disabled the optimise app option in the eM Client app incase it was that and even tried clearing the cache and even clearing the data completely and resetting up & rebooting multiple times but didn’t help.

So we uninstalled the app and reinstalled the latest version again via the Play store and reimported via QR code and now all synching and sending / receiving ok even with the app optimised by default in the os settings by default.

So I don’t know why this happened on both Samsung mobiles after the latest Samsung security patch. I can only presume that after the patch installed and the mobiles rebooted something happened to the eM Client app when Samsung re-optimized all the apps again before the mobile desktop reappeared.

Also interestingly when we reimported via QR code from the desktop V10, “the local tags on the mobile app” are now exactly the same. This was not the case with importing via QR code from the desktop V9 and previous mobile app. So thanks to the Devs for fixing that bug as that’s been a problem for alongtime.