em client and zimbra

Awesome, it just works… Much better than Outlook and it connects to my Zimbra calendar and address book.
But the toolbar suggestion in the installer and the “invite to em client” button inside the application makes it look a little unprofessional. Other than that its great! :slight_smile:

do you mean Zimbra with Free.fr ?
If so, could you tell me what are your settings for SMTP and IMAP ?

Not free.fr, and it autodetected the imap/smtp settings when i typed in my mail-adress and password.

Thank you for the reply.
For my zimbra I have to analyze it a few times a day :frowning:
Fortunately no problems with other servers.

WATCHOUT! Things about eM Client you may not know!
eM Client tries to:

  1. Install their eM Client toolbar
  2. Make Protected Search the default search provider
  3. Set Protected Search as the home page

WATCHOUT! Toolbars installed with ‘free’ software are information gatherers, tracking and gathering data about your web activities and then sending that info off to some place on the planet. Not only do they snoop on your privacy, but also slow down your browser and steel some of your bandwidth!

Also in eM Client, after initial install, you are ‘offered’ two choices to be made in the next 14 days:
Retrieve a free license by following a registration form. After registration you receive an e-mail with your license, which you fill into eM Client > Help > License… > Activate with limitations (unknown at this point) and no online support except by community forum
Purchase a PRO Version of eM Client with 24/7 online-support and no account limitations.

I took the 3rd option: uninstalled the program!