eM Client and sending large attachments via Cloud drives and Over Quota message

Query on eM Client V9.2.x and sending large attachments via Cloud drives and Over Quota messages still show in red triangles on the account even though the email sends fine.

The problem I find is the following.

1). I create a new email using my eg: Gmail account, and then attach say 6 files aprox 50mb each totalling 300mb all up.

2). Then right click on the attachments (one at a time) and choose the option to “Send via eg: Dropbox” as my cloud attachment send to avoid the over quota problem. As I know that Gmail sending limit directly is only aprox 12-15MB Max.

3). Then once the attachments are all uploaded to Dropbox, I then send the message. The message then sends ok and nothing in the Outbox and doesn’t bounce back & the receiver gets the email ok, but I straight (away after sending) get the usual Gmail sending error over quota attachment limit message (via the red triangle) on the Gmail account in eM Client.

4). I’f I then close and reopen eM Client the red triangle error is gone and doesn’t reappear.

So Im wondering if there is a way to maybe update eM Client for this type of scenario where eg: When eM Client detects that all the attachments have been uploaded to a cloud space, don’t display the over quota error (after sending) as it’s not over quota in this case due to the attachments went via my Dropbox space.

So just hide the red triangle error after sending as you immediately think it may not have send when it actually does send in the above scenario.

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