eM Client and Protonmail folders

I have just set up EMC Pro with my Proton mail account. With my previous email provider I was able to move all of my folders out of ‘More’ by dragging them up to below the Inbox. Closing and opening EMC in that case maintained a visible folder tree instead of all the folders collapsing under the ‘More’ heading. Now, dragging a folder out of ‘More’ it will not stick to a position under Inbox. Have others found this with Protonmail?
It would be good in this case to have the option for the ‘More’ section to remain expanded between sessions.

More is a place to hide folders you do not ordinarily want to see, so it is always collapsed when eM Client starts.

To move a folder out of More, right-click on it and choose Show. It will be returned to its original place.

Ah, thank you, Gary. That worked. The whole Protonmail Folders block moved up which is fine.

Another option would be to right-click the folders and choose ‘Show if Unread’. This allows the folders to remain hidden behind “More” unless there are unread emails in the folder. Once the folder is cleared of unread messages, it moves back under “More”

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Thanks, yes, but I often need to refer directly to a folder so it helps if they are always opem.