eM Client and NAS support?

so I have two laptops and a NAS. Currently I work with Outlook 2013, but Outlook doesn’t allow the pst files to be stored on a NAS. All I want is that my emails, agenda etc. are on the NAS and that my two laptops can have access to all mails etc.

The laptops do not need to work with email simultaniously, so it’s ok if the client says that access is not possible due to anotherr user.

Is eM client ablee to fulfill my wishes? can the database be stored on a NAS, where two clients (or more) can connect to that database?

while technically possible, you definitely should not access the database from multiple devices because you risk potential database conflicts and data loss.
I’d advise you to synchronize your mail, calendar and contact synchronisation protocols that have been designed for this purpose. If you use IMAP, Exchange, CalDAV and CardDAV protocol in your clients your data will be synced automatically with the server and thus between all the devices that connect to the server.


Dear Olivia,
thanks for the quick reply.  The problem is that my laptops run Win 10 and the NAS (WD MyCloud Image) doesn’t have any apps or something wo I can run a mailserver on it that supports the formats you mention.

that’s why I’m looking for a solution with an email client that supports an offline database that can be synchronised (manually or auto) with a centrally stored database.
but I understand you do not support such solutions.

So I guess I have to continue my search
thanks anyway