eM Client and invitations sent over Kerio Connect server

eM Client does not interpret invitations (.ics files) correctly, if they are sent from a Kerio Connect server (using Outlook and the Kerio Connect plugin).

The same invitations can be processed normally in other clients like Outlook.
eM Client gives this error message:

The effect is one of two in the client: Either eM client is showing an attached .ics file, but no “readable” invitations with Accept buttons etc.
Or eM Client just shows garbage text, like parts of a corrupt MIME encoded text or the like.

Has anyone ever seen anything like this?


Adding more information:
This happens with eM-Client 8 and 9 on Windows, and with eM-Client on Mac (not entirely sure about the version there. I suppose it’s version 8, but am waiting for customer feedback on this).


No-one using Kerio in this constellation and has observed this behaviour?

@Gary any ideas perhaps?