eM Client and GSuite for Business with Two factor Authentication

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying eM Client for the first time, and so far i couldn’t get past the config and authentication. Not sure whats wrong, but i’m using eM Client to configure GSuite for Business Account, with Two factor Authentication by Okta, my account is not @gmail.com it has a different domain. Has anyone got similar setup?
I’m trying the default config with imap and smtp from gmail, but it can’t get the account details correcty. If i go Manual, and setup everything manually, servers and ports, i get the user/password pop-up, fill in the info and get an error saying “Server Says Invalid Credentials (Failure)” i have no idea what to try next. Any help would be very much appreciated.

Two factor authentication works with the “Google two factor authentication” if you enable that in your Google account. I use that myself and works fine.

I don’t know if other third party two factor autho methods work which might be your issue with “Okta”.

If you are using the standard Google two factor autho method, just make sure you have (allowed access) in your Gmail account when you add the Gmail account to eM Client & will work fine.

See this thread below that works with (two factor authentication". Same for Personal & Gsuite accts.

Problems with Gmail account login - Mail - eM Client

Hi @Cyberzork. Tahnks for the reply. Just one question regarding the “just make sure you have (allowed access) in your Gmail account when you add the Gmail account to eM Client & will work fine”
is this done before or during eM Client config?

I have no idea what to do here. The e-mail client does not initiate the two factor authentication or ir does not find the proper mailbox information.

I tried another “free” e-mail client and it worked perfectly at the first attempt with both account discovery and two factor authentication.

Has anyone have any ideas ?

@LuisL You have to first enable 2 Step (factor) Verification in your Google account. See the following Google Doc.

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@cyberzork, i’ve successfully configured it after enabling dual factor authentication from Google instead of Okta. Thank You for your help!

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