eM Client and Gmail forward/reply issue

Hopefully this is not a repeat, wandered thru the search… without luck

I am running eM Client, gmail account, all is working… except

/sending NEW mail goes thru well
/receiving mail ditto
/replying and/or forwarding gets stuck in the outbox, until I click on Refresh/Send All
/if I just click on Refresh… no joy

any thoughts from you folks, thanks Bill

Could be something locally installed on your computer delaying your replies or forwarding.

Eg: If you have any optional Firewall / Security programs, or optional Antivirus programs or VPNs, (other than what built into the OS) try completely disabling those to test.

Failing that if you use Gmail as a normal IMAP account (non POP) then suggest to try removing and readding your Gmail account via the “automatic email wizard” setup in “Menu / Accounts”. As could be a problem with your Gmail account locally in eM Client.

Note:- Before removing your account, make a backup in eM Client via “Menu / Backup” Incase you need to restore for any reason.

Worked like a charm… created a new account (same as the old account :grinning:) must have been a while, the gmail setup was a pleasant surprise… It worked!!

now I just gotta get rid of some of the new irritations

thanks for the quick and quick response