eM Client and Fastmail

I’ve checked and double checked all the settings and they’re exactly the same as the Fastmail support page shows and also as Thunderbird which is working properly on the same PC. eM client still fails the diagnostics on both SMTP and IMAP.

I stopped using eM Client last month when I switched from Gmail to Fastmail however I am determined to get eM client working.

Auto setup doesn’t work either giving an SSL error but looking at the error it might be because I am using a .co.uk address rather than a .fm? Anyway that’s somewhat besides the point.


using co.uk instead .fm, well if your email or login name has .fm then you have to use that otherwise it is considered wrong email/login.

if this will not help send me both IMAP and SMTP logs to galis@emclient.com
and this link: https://discourse.emclient.com/emclient/to…

you can get logs in Tools - Settings - Advanced - Mark off SMTP and IMAP under your account, restart client try to synchronize and then send me them.


It is a .co.uk account so I used that as my login. It’s still saying server unavailable. I’ve also posted a message on the fastmail forums incase it is a problem with that rather than emclient.

I will send you the logs as soon as I get home later. Thanks.

My logs at C:\Users\Jason\AppData\Roaming\eM Client\Logs remain blank even though I have selected IMAP and SMTP logging.

I readded my GMX account just to test if that would log and the log is populated correctly. WTF is going on. It’s like nothing in the software is acting in the way it’s supposed to when using the FastMail server.

I have however copied and pasted the log that appears in the error dialogue box.

14:56:47 Online state: changed to online with reason NetworkAvailability
14:56:47 j******ed@fastmail.co.uk [IMAP] Synchronizing subfolders: For folder j******ed@fastmail.co.uk/
14:57:17 j******ed@fastmail.co.uk [IMAP] MailExceptions.ConnectionException: No server response within 30 second timeout. —> System.IO.IOException: No server response within 30 second timeout.
14:57:17 at MailClient.Imap.Base.Connection.Connect(Stream stream)
14:57:17 at MailClient.Imap.Base.Connection.Connect(String receiveHost, Int32 receivePort, Boolean explicitSsl)
14:57:17 at MailClient.Imap.ConnectionPoolEntry.Reconnect()
14:57:17 — End of inner exception stack trace —
14:57:17 at MailClient.Imap.ConnectionPoolEntry.Reconnect()
14:57:17 at MailClient.Imap.ConnectionPoolEntry.Connect()
14:57:17 at MailClient.Imap.ConnectionPool.AcquireConnection(Folder mailFolder, Boolean idle)
14:57:17 at MailClient.Imap.Synchronizer.ActivateFolderCommand.Execute(WorkerStatus status)
14:57:17 at MailClient.Commands.Command.Process(WorkerStatus status)

I will email this to you as well as the stackdump log incase that’s of any use. It’s a bit big to post here.

Thanks for any help.

Link to FastMail support forum post I created regarding this in case a solution is found and someone else is having the same problem.

The problem was caused by not selecting "Use TLS on special port (Legacy)

Thanks and sorry for wasting your time.

Jason Edwards


as I have written you on email, it is resolved therefore it is not time wasted. Anything that leads to positive outcome is time well spent!

and I am glad that it works for you now.