eM Client and Dropbox?

Does anyone us the Cloud to backup their database?
I’m in the process of trying out Dropbox, but I’m not sure what happens, as the database will be constantly changing, I would assume. It looks like the upload starts when I close eM Client, but I’m wondering if Dropbox has to upload the complete mail_data.dat or just the changes made to it?


Free drop box account only 2GB, it relatively small. You need to change the eM database location to the dropbox folder.

Dropbox folder are synchronise for any changes, it doesn’t only transfer when you close eM. Further more, dropbox don’t just upload partial of the file that being changed, it the whole file.

These question should be direct it at Dropbox, not eM Client.

Yes, 2GB is enough at the moment as eM Client only uses 48% of the allowance. If it works for me I would pay for an increase.

I have got it working by pointing it at to the database location.

I was asking if anyone was using the Cloud to backup their eM mail, either with Dropbox or any other similar software/