eM Client and BullGuard Antivirus

The BullGuard not recognize the eM Client, what I need to do?

see the picture please

Hi Ramon, unfortunately eM Client does not relate to the BullGuard, if you’d like to see the application listed, please contact BullGuard’s support in order to add this feature.


Hi Paul,
thanks for listening, but I think the problem is greater than simply relate to eM BullGuard.
I was thinking of buying eM Client from that emails could be checked by antivirus, but because of a reader emails I need to change my antivirus program, maybe I should look for another e-mail client …

I also understand that who you should look for BullGuard to resolve the mail scanning problem is not me but developers of eM Client program …

Anyway thanks again.



Hi Ramon, unfortunately we’re not familiar with this software, eM Client is made to work with all standard software on your computer, if you’re having issues filtering email using this application please resolve the option with the support team of that application.

eM client is a standalone application and we’re unable to support features of other applications.


This is an unreasonable attitude. As with all email clients, antivirus software has to integrate with the client in order to scan incoming emails and protect customers from malware. Bullguard isn’t some obscure tinpot app, but is used by over 57 million people, worldwide. It takes two to tango and it would be good to think that eM Client would be pro-active in getting together with Bullguard (and other IS providers), so the two pieces of software can be made to integrate, to the benefit of both companies and their customers.