eM client and Avast

eM Client and AVAST - When all other email will configure for successfull email communications. Nothing seems to work for eM client. This is disappointing since I really like the features. I would like to try it again, but I cannot until this problem is fixed… Please advise if someone has a solution. Thank You

What version of Avast do you have? I have tested the latest version and was able to configure it without any problems.

I use Avast Premier and with mail shield on eM client will crash time after time, when turned off: no problem!


This is problem on Avast’s side, we have made workaround but Avast made some weird patch that started to cause these problems again.

Only solution here is to switch to antivirus that actually works (for me it caused problems not only with eM Client but for example with Firefox or battlefield 3)

I am now running on NOD 32 from ESET and it is okay :slight_smile:


Thanks John, I had enough and just switch to Bitdefender, now everything’s OK

I am glad that I was able to solve your issue.