eM Client account working with Hotmail (Outlook) account

How do I get my eM Client account not to affect my Hotmail (now Outlook) account? It appears that when I do something in eM Client like delete an email, it deletes the email online in my Hotmail (Outlook) account, also. How do I keep this from happening. I would prefer to manage both accounts separately…like keeping what is in Hotmail (Outlook) until I delete emails or whatever manually.

Thanks, Jenny

It is not possible because eM Client simply mirrors the Hotmail account and provides immediate and full synchronization.

Thank you for your quick response, George.

Guess I will have to be more careful when working with my email in eM Client. I used Incredimail before I decided to try eM Client. However, when I changed to Win 7, everything in that email program was EXTREMELY small and too hard to read. However, anything I did in it, did not affect my Hotmail (Outlook) as per the settings I had chosen.

So, are you saying that if I go to another computer to access any Hotmail email, anything that I had already deleted (permanently) in eM Client will no longer be in my Hotmail account?

Shouldn’t it be possible to add Outlook accounts manually and access them via POP? Then it might work as Jenny wants…

See http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/wi…, “Apps that support POP3 or SMTP”

Yes, that is true. Please accept my apologies for my mistake - I have been thinking about AirSync protocol only and forgot to mention that Jenny could set it using POP protocol.

Jenny open the menu Tools - Accounts - New account - Mail - Other and click Next. Now you should be able to manually configure your Hotmail account to use POP3 protocol.
Names of the servers are: pop3.live.com and smtp.live.com. Hope it helps.

Jenny, I would just suggest you read the instructions mentioned on the webpage I linked earlier carefully so that the messages actually remain on the server (i.e., in your Outlook.com inbox) and are not deleted upon their download into eM Client.

Thank you both, George and vturek

George, would I REALLY need to create another “new account”? Can’t I just go to tools>accounts>(Hotmail account is the only one shown) click mail, contacts tab & type in the change there & click OK?

BUT I do have a problem. Not sure whether to enter pop3.live.com or smtp.live.com.
In my Incredimail on my old XP pc, the incoming is pop3 and the outgoing is smtp.

Also, vturek, I don’t know where to go to check a box to “leave a copy on server” in eM Client or Hotmail. My Incredimail had given me that option, so I was aware it could be done.

ANOTHER QUESTION, please? What does it mean to make eM Client my default verses Hotmail (Outlook) as my default? Which is best? And what is AirSync protocol. Assuming it just is associated with eM Client!!

Thanks again, Jenny

I am afraid you need to set up the account from scratch, because the way eM Client accesses e-mails (i.e., via the IMAP or the POP protocol) cannot be changed once an account is added. The essential thing here is to remember that the account must be set up manually, otherwise eM Client will use IMAP (which is the current mode of accessing e-mails that you are not too happy about :wink: ).

First, log into your Outlook.com account > click the Options icon (‘cog’) > More mail settings > Managing Your Account: POP and deleting downloaded messages > select the desired behaviour concerning deleting of messages via POP access (= in eM Client). If you choose to respect actions of POP clients accessing your mailbox, then any message you delete in eM Client will be deleted on the server. The other available option will put any deleted message to a separate folder on the server (‘POP’). This is more of a fail-safe, because you are still going to instruct eM Client to leave messages on the server

Next, put your eM Client into Offline mode (File > Work Offline). (THIS IS IMPORTANT!)

Then open eM Client and go to Tools > Accounts > Add account > Mail > Other > fill in your e-mail address > Next > select POP3 and fill in server address (pop3.live.com) and your username and password > Next > fill in outgoing mail server address (smtp.live.com) and keep the already filled-in credentials in the fields there > Next > now, the configuration will be tested which will fail (you are offline now…) > check Ignore test results > Next > modify account details if necessary.

Once you create the account, click its SMTP tab (still in Tools > Accounts) and change the port number from 25 to 587 and change security to Force SSL/TLS. Then click the POP3 tab, change the port number from 110 to 995, change security to Force SSL/TLS, and – finally – at the bottom you will be able to set when (if ever) should messages be deleted from the server. Here, the settings made via Outlook.com web interface come into play. If you choose, say, to delete a message from the server once you deleted it from your Trash folder in eM Client, then this message is (a) deleted on the server if you chose to respect actions of POP clients, or (b) moved to the ‘POP’ folder on the server (but not deleted!) if you chose the other option.

Considering the new port numbers and security, consult the previously mentioned link if sending or receiving of mail does not work. I do not have any Outlook.com account so I am not able to test whether these values are correct…

Now you can switch back to online mode (File > Work Offline – the check mark beside ‘Work Offline’ will disappear). Test the new account and if everything works as it should, you can safely delete the old account that uses IMAP to access your mailbox.

As for the default mail client, it simply means that when you click an e-mail address e.g. in a web browser, this default client will be opened and you will be presented a mail compose window with the e-mail address already filled into the To field. Should you choose Outlook.com, a webpage will open in a web browser similarly as if you were logged into your Outlook.com account and clicked New message.

AirSync is an older name for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protocol via which MS Exchange accounts can be synchronized with eM Client or other e-mail/calendar applications. You do not need to worry about that…

Should you have any more questions, feel free to ask. As you can see above, I tried to describe the procedure in as much detail as possible, but it is always better to ask twice than accidentally delete one year’s worth of e-mails from the server… :wink:

Thank you, vturek

WOW! Great detail. I should be able to do this. However, I feel a little intimidated at trying things when I have no idea what I am doing. May end up having to just deal with the program the way it is. Will let you know how it turns out, though. Appreciate all your help!!!