em client a viable option for small office?

Can em client pull from a shared database for company wide access to a contacts database and calendar schedule?

not sure what you have in mind, yes eM client does support shared calendars, contacts etc.
But you need a adequate service to use with it for example google calendars, calDAV or similar.

Please clarify,

Hi Paul,

We currently use Chaos Intellect but are looking to switch to something faster and more stable. It’s dog slow especially when you have many e-mails. However, it allows a database for contacts, calendar, tasks, etc to be stored on on pc and used as the main source of information for multiple users by setting the file path for those items over the network. Any one person can edit the schedule or contacts. Does Em client support such an arrangement?

sorry eM Client does not support shared calendars and contacts which are stored locally on one of your computers.

But as I mentioned you can easily start using cloud services like calDAV or Google Calendars and easily share all these information with multiple users. Good thing is this way all your data will be stored online and there’s a smaller chance it will get lost if your computer breaks etc.

You also mentioned your current system is very slow and cloud services are on the other hand very fast and have little to no issues.

I hope this was a helpful answer,