EM Client 9 Hide labels in message preview


I’m using EM Client 9.0.1142 and I set it to show 2 lines of message preview, I think it’s useful. However, how can we hide the annoying label/tag that is showing before the message preview? At the moment it’s displaying the whole label path, i.e. Label 1/Label 2/Label 3. It takes a lot of space and it’s really a nuisance. Or, at least is there a way to show only the lowest level of labels? (i.e. Label3).

Thank you in advance.

  1. Right-click on the column header and choose Columns Configuration.
  2. Select the Tag option in the right column, and click Remove.

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Gary: Thank you so much. I found it in “Menu -> View -> Columns”.
This feature could be useful if only the last tag level would be shown.

It looks pretty if you have loads of tags. :grin:


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:rofl: :rofl:
That is a lot of tags.

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Even if you disable TAGS column, it is adding to SUBJECT Column.
If you add TAGS Column, then it will remove from SUBJECT Column.
But then you have to live with TAGS Column, can’t eliminate completely.
Want to eliminate TAGS column completely.


AVATAR : Coming everywhere.
Actually, we don’t want AVATAR.
How to disable or hide?

Has anyone found an answer to this? I’m on version 9.2.1222 and the behavior is the same. I don’t want to see tags at all, but disabling the tags column results in the tags being appended to the beginning of the subject line. Very annoying.

Maybe this helps: Settings->Mail->Read->Uncheck “Show Tag Bar”

Thanks for the quick response. Your suggestion got me to look a little more deeply:

Settings->Mail->Read->Message List->Tags in Subject Field in Single-line layout: Don’t show

The above setting plus removing Tag from the columns configuration successfully hid all the distracting, way-too colorful tags.

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