eM Client 9 - Columns Configuration - Lost Priority


After changing the Columns Configuration on some folders, I no longer have Priority as an Available Column on any folders.

I’ve tried resetting folders using Set Defaults but it did nothing.

How do I get Priority back in my Available Columns lists?


The priority option is not available if you are using Conversations. So first disable that using Menu > View > Conversations > Disable Conversations.

Then go to a folder where it is not showing, and by right-click on the column header row, choose Columns Configuration.

Make sure that the Priority option is in the right column.


Did as you suggested and the Priority reappeared. Unfortunately, now I can’s use the Message Count!

Any idea why Priority can’t be used with Conversations enabled?


Because Priority is assigned to a message, not a conversation.

When using Conversations the message list is actually a list of conversations.
The priority is still displayed in the message preview though.

Ok then…no Priority.
Thanks for the help.