eM Client 9.2 Issues

I have some odd problems with v6.2 which I am trying on a laptop.

  1. When customising column configuration for some folders I can’t add the “To” column, for others I can’t add the “From” column. So far I haven’t been able to add the “Account” or “Folder” column to any folder. I file my emails by subject so a folder can hold emails to/from several of my email addresses and I need to be able to see at a glance who they are To/From.

  2. em Client seems to be grouping emails by some parameter that I have no control over. It has grouped together half a dozen or so emails where the only thing in common is that the subject includes “Director” even though the emails are in different IMAP folders. However, they refer to different companies and if I send information to the directors of one company to the directors of another I will have serious (potentially legal) problems.

The following defects still exist, some going back to the first version I used sometime in 2015 from memory:

  1. Tags don’t always appear in some views, worse in some views it says “None” which is incorrect. I think this is because the programmers are trying to be too clever and trying to control when you can see what which is a pain, I am a grown up and I want freedom to use my own customisation.

  2. I get constant timeouts when collecting mail from Yahoo. Again I raised this back in 2015 but it has been ignored, Outlook has an adjustable timeout presumably because the people who specify Outlook know that some servers are slow, eM Client desperately needs this.

  3. There is still no ability to write rules based on the contents of the address book. I have raised this many times and last time got bogged down because I called it a whitelist and the conversation veered off into what a whitelist is. I don’t care what eM Client thinks a whitelist is but the inability to write rules based on the contents of the address book is another major failing. And let’s not have a discussion about copying and pasting, address books are dynamic so that doesn’t work.

  4. We still can’t save emails as HTML despite being able to view them as HTML.

  5. Despite marking an account as “download everything” when setting up the account this isn’t carried through and has to be reset after the account is set up.

I would be interested in other peoples’ views. It seems to me that eM Client programmers are concentrating on prettying it up when it still has logic/technical problems. It also seems to me that whoever in the company is responsible for specifying it should be somebody who has worked in a managerial position in business (preferably a variety of businesses) and knows what users need at the sharp end, programmers need this guidance since they won’t know themselves.

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I get constant timeouts when collecting mail from Yahoo. Again I raised this back in 2015 but it has been ignored.

Yahoo random connection / timeout issues were resolved for me and other peeps on this forum in eM Client V9.1.2109 with the new updated Yahoo IMAP API. So as you are using V9.2.x, then this issue is something else other than eM Client.

So it’s either something else running on your computer possibly interfering with eM Client or a connection problem along the way to Yahoo.

So if you still are having random connection Yahoo IMAP problems, then go to “Menu / Accounts” and “remove and re-add your Yahoo account” via the “Automatic email setup wizard” which should then fix the problem, as it did for myself and others that had this same issue previously.

Now if removing and re-adding your Yahoo IMAP account via the automatic setup wizard, still will not receive or send email & getting random connection timeouts etc, then if you have any eg: Optional Firewall / Security programs, or Optional Antivirus programs or VPN, try completely disabling those to see if they are blocking or interfering with eM Client.

Note: If you do remove and re-add your Yahoo IMAP account, backup first via Menu / Backup. You can see when the backup is complete via “Menu / Operations”.

Lastly if still won’t work, go to “Menu / Operations” and click the “Log Tab” and see if you can see any obvious errors in the log and paste them in this thread.

No input on this at all?

Can nobody comment on this at all? Surely I am not the only person with these problems?

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I am not sure the version you are using so I have no comment to make.

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