Em client 9.2.1577

where can i download version 9.2.1577? i am running 2157 - and i cannot find a download of 1577 anywhere.

Version 9.x is not available for mobile devices.

You can download 10.x from the Google Play Store or Apple Store depending on you mobile OS. Instructions and links are here: eM Client for iOS and Android is officially here! | eM Client

For desktop versions, you can get all previous versions, as well as betas here. They are available for both PC and Mac.

hi gary - i mean 1577 for the windows to use the qr code export.

"Eine einzigartige und sehr nützliche Funktion ist der QR-Export, mit dem Sie vom eM Client auf Ihrem Computer Programmeinstellungen, Vorlagen, Signaturen, QuickTexte, Etiketten und sogar auch S/MIME-Zertifikate und PGP-Schlüsselpaare auf das Handy übertragen können. Einfach den QR-Code scannen und los geht’s.

Beachten Sie bitte, dass der QR-Export nur ab der Version eM Client 9.2.1577 verfügbar ist."

It is also there is 9.2.2157. Features are cumulative, so whatever is in 9.2.1577 will be in all future versions as well.

thanks gary - problem solved! :smiley: