eM Client 8 BETA - Wow!

I’ve been looking for a replacement for Thunderbird (& all the other less-than-effective email clients I’ve tried down through the years), needing an email client that’s modern, stable & has ALL the features I need, in terms of tagging, filtering, sorting & general email management flexibility, together with decent calendaring, & also good feature addon ability, including notes & other things. I tried eM Client some while ago but it was, from what I can remember, a bit slow & unstable, & also incomplete feature-wise. But this version is incredible. Finally it looks like we have a mature, inexpensive email / pim / conversation client that manages email - and a whole host of other things - properly.

I’ve been using BETA 8 for a couple of days now & it blows everything else out of the water in terms of features, flexibility & usability. In terms of stability, even this, as a BETA, has been rock solid with no issues to report.

This is nothing short of the email client that should’ve been out 20 years ago, the sort of thing which most of us have been crying out for all this time but has - in spite of lots of over-hype by various companies - never actually been realized fully.

So well done to all those at eM Client involved in the development of this, you’ve done a really great job, &, once the word gets around, I do hope you get all the success you deserve with it…

Hello Kacit,

Thank you for your kind words!
I believe that you’ll be even more satisfied once we release the full version.


If you are looking for feedback on the beta, overall it’s an improvement, but the one thing that right out of the box that is annoying me is in calendar view, there is now a horizontal gradient shade, and, the text color of each entry label is not very contrasty with the highlight color. 

The combination of the fade and the low-contrast makes it hard to read the item text, especially the right-hand part.  Here’s a screenshot, no manipulation done.


Ah yes, the Classic Theme has a few differences, but that has nothing to do with the beta.

Change to another and see the difference.

Yes “Modern” theme calendar color scheme in V8 Beta good :slight_smile:

100% agree, this release is a big step forward!

My main complaint with previous versions was that the performance (syncing, searching) wasn’t as reliable or as fast as Outlook, but eM Client 8 has hugely improved in this area.

I cannot believe that groups still not stay collapsed, when changing folders. This issue is older than SIX years!

Folders do now retain their collapsed or expanded status, but I don’t recall that the message list sections (assuming that is what you are referring to) were ever promised to do that.

Correct i was talking about the message list (sorry i’m german). This has to be a basic function. I can’t understand that it still doesn’t work.

It was never said that it would be changed. Version 8 is currently in beta, which means not all the new features have yet been implemented. Maybe wait until the release and see if there is any difference, but I personally doubt it.

Why is it even possible to collapse, when this doesn’t stay activated as long as i want? Every other mail client in the world can do this.

Sadly, GNOME Evolution does exactly the same. ;-(

Downloaded V8 Beta – I am very exited looking forward to the final version. What I see currently, pleases me very much. :smile:

Still missing an option to verify incoming e-mail against server address – often spam – especially the dangerous one – has invalid sender data.

This is nicely solved in an Android OpenSource product „FairMail“ which displayes “No server found for xxxx.tld” to highlight those e-mails as “probably dangerous”.

“Wow” is the right word… as is in “wow” how the ******* hell did they manage to take such a great email client in v7 and turn it into such an abomination.

The team behind eM Client seem to have followed the Microsoft lead of taking something perfectly good and usable, changing things for the sake of it and turning the whole thing into a visual nightmare.

After many years as a happy user, if this is what we are going to end up with it is time to find a new email client.


You don’t have to use it though. Just stick with what works for you.

There are a couple of obvious flaws with that position…

v7 doesn’t actually work properly as the issue with connecting to .ics shared calendar files on a password protected private NextCloud instance has never been fixed and the sizing of fonts in the macOS version has never really worked either.

At some point v7 will stop getting bug fixes or will likely become incompatible with some change Apple make to macOS and will just stop working.

As a developer myself, I accept that software evolves and changes but the key is to know where best to focus your efforts and resources. The UI is key to the usability of any application and there was no justifiable reason to make any changes to the interface of eM Client when it worked perfectly well.


If you don’t like version 8, don’t use it. Stick with that great email client you mentioned.

Oh, hang on, there is a flaw in what you said. At first I thought the flaw was mine, but you must be referring to your own flaw. No problem.

First you say it is “such a great client”, but then you say it “doesn’t actually work properly” and finish with “it worked perfectly well”. :wink:

Guess you are just having a bad start today Andy.

Using it via webdav (contacts, calendars) – works fine (v7 and v8) on Windows 10.

From what I can see in the press Apple itself regularly changes things that makes e.g. hardware useless.Therefore, Apple users seem to be used to and apparently accepting this. Then emClient simply applies to the Apple guidelines.

Your accusations are extremely diffuse. What exactly has V8 »turn into abomination«?

I am asking this because I can not follow your assessment. I am also a developer. There are still things to do – no question. I would certainly have prioritized bugs, new functions and design changes differently, too. But in general the update is – in my opinion – a good step forward.

Please, be a good example of what you, as a developer, want as feedback from customers. Between you and me, what developer likes unconstructive grumblers who just complain and know better, but don’t provide concrete clues?

Nope, today started very well, thanks.

eM Client v7 is probably the best mail client that I have found for macOS. As I explained, it has its flaws which it would have been nice if they had been fixed but I have lived with them.


It is interesting how we all have different perceptions. For me, Apple Mail is unsurpassed as an email client, and I would love to see it ported to other OSs. :wink: